"Amur broiler", only in the Amur region poultry for meat production with a full cycle, destroyed millions of birds 1 because of suspected avian influenza. As the press service of the regional government, the enterprise shall be scheduled quarterly samples for bird health, one of them the conclusion was received on August 11, which spoke of suspicion on certain poultry diseases. 

 "I have to say that the suspicion of avian influenza type H5 and H7 was not. And these are the main types of avian influenza, which affect on human health, "- said the deputy chairman of the government of the region Vladislav Bakumenko.
After analysis of the samples were suspected Flu H9, which is not dangerous to humans, but affects the health of the birds. preventive measures have been taken at the factory, a large part of poultry has been destroyed. In total, taking into account the chicks and poultry, ready to hit on the counter, was disposed of about 1 million head. As a result, according to the regional government in the coming months, consumers can not find in stores chilled chicken from the "Amur Broiler".
By results of the first tests were re-sent to study samples from birds. "They do not detect the virus H5, H7 and H9. Therefore, I can say that the company has passed the trouble, it will not be closed for long. Now there will be activities for cleaning, disinfection, and roughly 16 September factory will work in normal mode ", - said Bakumenko.